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Selecting the right swimming pool service

Finding the right swimming pool service for your needs and personality can be a daunting task. However, it is of the greatest importance to find someone that is not only qualified, but qualified to address your needs. To make sure your pool service can deliver what you need, here are 5 tips to consider.

1. Experience

How long has the technician been servicing swimming pool?  Has He/She been TRAINED in water chemistry? Are they CPO certified? Do they understand what unbalanced water can do to YOU,  Your  Pool and Pool Equipment.

2. Credentials

Choose a Swimming Pool Service who belong to trade organizations like the International Pool Service and Spa Association (IPPSA) and the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). These affiliations are a sign of formal training and of adherence to general standards of professionalism. Make sure the companies Technicians are Certified Pool Operators (CPO) 

3. Credibility

Select someone that has a solid and quality reputation in the industry. Call your local Pool Supply Stores. Ask around has anyone heard of this company? Have they used them before? Did they deliver what they promised? How did they handle problems and warranty issues?

4. Testimonials

Request that the Swimming Pool Service provide you with references from past clients. If he or she declines, or if you're offered just one or two, this could be a point of concern. You should certainly inquire as to why you cannot have a broad(er) sample. Whether there may have been bad experiences or no experiences (due to inexperience) in the past, there could be something that is not quite on the level. Do some research on the Web and see if you find any comments about this company.

5. Services

Does this company offer what you need? What kind of services do the offer? Don't be bullied into a service you don't need or sold on good you won't use.  

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